Coal Burner

ApplicationOur coal burner is mainly used in asphalt mixing plant, boiler, dryer (such as brick kiln), metallurgy and other industries
Motor Power16.95-254.95(KW)


MRF Coal Burner

Our coal burner is mainly used in asphalt mixing plant, boiler, dry (such as brick kiln), metallurgy and other industries.

Working Principle

The coal that diameter less than 20 mm is crushed by coal power crusher firstly, then the coal power is transported to main burning chamber by flexible pipe, and then ignited by oil gun. Meanwhile, the blowing fan provide wind to main burning chamber through circular rotary wind pathway in back coverer, wind go forward along inner wall in chamber, the high temperature airflow mix coal powder and then burn strongly, the high temperature flame sprays from the fire outlet and come into drying drum to heat the cold aggregate.


Coal burner is mainly composed of pulverized coal machine, host of combustion machine(including combustion chamber, automatic back and forth motion system, automatic rotation system, the combustion air supply system) control system, ignition system, the crater and others.

RMQ Coal Burner

RMQ series coal injection gun is a kind of new research and development design of ZOOMLINE company on the basis of absorbing the international advanced theory and practice, this RMQ series coal injection gun is special coal powder injection gun applied to boiler, calcining kiln industries.

Main principle of our RMQ series coal injection gun is to make lump coal into 180-200 coal powder by pulverized coal machine, then coal powder will be transported to coal injection gun by blower equipped with pulverized coal machine itself, after rotational flow, secondary wind shaping, coal powder will be blown into high temperature combustion chamber to be burned.

RMQ series coal injection gun main parts:

  • Pulverized coal machine —— make lump coal in to coal powder, coal supply controlled by frequency screw.
  • Coal supply flexible pipe —— convey coal powder into coal injection gun.
  • Coal injection gun —— spray coal powder into combustion chamber(location of heat source).
  • Air-blower —— combustion-suppotring, flame secondary shaping.
4Y/G Coal Burner

4Y/G series pulverized coal burner is a kind of low nitrogen emissions coal burner. Its structure is special designed and by changing the proportion of wind and coal of burner, through grading of air and fuel, flue gas circulation to reducing nitrogen oxides concentration, these ways are widely applied to burner. 4Y/G series pulverized coal burner is a double adjusting air pulverized coal burner, it can make one part of secondary wind into inner annular channel, another part into outer annular channel.

  • Adopts new structure, change the traditional burner mechanism, exclusively using of rotary combustion burners to solve the problems of traditional burners which are easy slag-bonding and incomplete burning and etc.
  • High flame temperature, energy saving and completely burning.
  • Adopts the exclusive ingredients of firebrick of high performance, prolong service life.
  • Continuous production, has no need to scarfing cinder everyday.
  • Lower production cost, is only the 1/3 of oil burner.
  • With high automaticity, convenient to control aggregate temperature, discharging aggregate through dry mixing drum.
  • Port temperature measuring equipment return signal to the frequency changer of coal machine , change the aggregate temperature through frequency changer automatically control the volume of coal.
  • Ignite is simple and easy, auto and manual ignition is optional. Ignition oil gun nozzle with special structure, atomization effect, kerosene combustion.
MRF Coal Burner
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RMQ Coal Burner
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4Y/G Coal Burner
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