Insulation Decorative Coating Equipment

Applicable to calcium silicae board,fiber cement board,panel furniture,solid wood door,cabinet door,handicraft,decorating plate,glassmagnesium board,cement fiberboard,the plane of the plate workpiece and four side,against UV,NC,water-based paint and fluor-carbon painting,such as high quality effect,large quantities of continuous automatic spray paint. Automatic coating equipment can improve the product quality and production efficiency,reduce the loss of paint at the same time,save the cost;130 dust removal machine,converyor,to cover type automatic spray painting machine, 1 flow drying tunnel (stereoscopic UV curing machine) conveyor each one Taiwan; Spray gun is optional high-pressure airless spray gun,low pressure air gun of medium pressure aerated spray gun,can meet the requirements of different craft of spraying; Spray paint line configuration the feeding conveyor, dust removal,and paint drying equipment,improve the effect of spray paint and greatly shorten the drying time,general paint can achieve table dry state,prevent dust pollution and improve production efficiency.


Suitable for calcium silicate borad,fiber cemnet board,decorative panels,panel furniture,cabinets,plooring,plane door,handicraft,shutters,glass magnesium borad,such as plane and the side surface of the workpiece and the opposite sex parts,NC,for continuous automatic UV and water-based paint paint paint,can according to the features of the paint of paint recycling; Automatic computer control man-machine interface touch screen:adjust the fault display,running speed,the speed,correction parameters,display working state;Configuration Sicmens PLC control system,the Japanese servo system installation, schneider frequency control, ensure the steady output of high quality coating machine; Photoelectric sensing system,which is used to detect the incoming workpiece shape,size and position to control the time and scope of spray paint, save the paint; High pressute system by pre filter unit,the top two fan,air pressure system, filtration system, is used to spray the room air filter and the formation of positive pressurte,ensure the into the fresh air the clean.

Introduction to PC Construction Technology

PC technology is our familiar prefabricated assembly technology, that is, in the factory prefabricated production, assembled in the field into a whole building. The PC implements the building from the factory-site-assembled industrial model.


  • Walltec walls offer lower initial as well as long-term costs when compared with other materials due to low product costs, elimination of plaster, no curing, no zari- work for conduiting, no lintels, no stone sills, no maintenance, no flaking/cracks, increased carpet area as well as flexibility to move partition walls when required.
  • Lighter weight of the walls allows for lower deadweight thus reducing structural steel costs.

Ease of Installation & Efficiency

  • Walltec walls are factory made, transported to the site ready to install on pallets and manually erected on concrete floors. Highly versatile and fast to install, requiring just two regular construction workers to install up to 6 m2 per hour and are pre- cured thus do not require any curing. Can be cut, sawn and dimensioned as per requirement for installation at site.
  • Projects utilizing Walltec walls can save weeks or months over other materials due to no prep work, fast installation, no curing time requirement and time saving with plumbing, electrical and HVAC conduiting.

Aesthetically & Functionally Beneficial

  • On account of their factory finish they are aesthetically pleasing.Due to its availability in different heights and thicknesses with no load-bearing application it provides total design flexibility.
  • More carpet area due to lower thickness of 68mm to 140mm instead of brick partitions of 150mm with plaster on both sides.
  • No lintels need to be cast as panels can be place horizontally as lintels where required.
  • Due to its consistent line, length and levels Walltec walls do not require stone or wood sills/frames to level surfaces for windows and openings.
  • Hanging wash-basins, cup-boards, mirrors, paintings with regular plug screws possible and can take as much as 350kg of load. Drilling, Nailing, Hammering as in any normal brick-plaster wall.
  • Good workability, Less mess in installation, no curing, minimum waste at site and quick installation contribute to better site management.

Low Maintenance

  • No problems like leaching of salts from bricks over time. No cracking, flaking of plaster due to one homogeneous material. No plastering means additional saving on time, quality, maintenance etc.

Superior strength & durability

  • Strength gradually increases over time with an initial cube compressive strength of 25 to 40 N/mm2 and an initial sectional compressive strength of 18 to 30 N/ mm2.
  • Walls do not deteriorate, experience creep and stress relaxation, lose strength and/or deflect over time.

Safety & Protection

  • Provides excellent protection against impacts from intrusion, slamming, explosions, vehicles and projectiles.
  • High fire ratings of upto 2 hours.
  • Sound insulation of 46 – 50 dB
  • Have passed tornado/hurricane/heavyrain-sleet-hail impact testing,giving owners an added level of safety assurance in areas prone to severe weather.

Consistent Quality

  • Because precast concrete products are typically produced in a controlled plant environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity.
  • Problems affecting quality typically found on a job site – temperature, curing conditions, craftsmanship and material quality – are nearly eliminated in a plant environment.

Environment friendly

  • No curing means massive water savings during construction.
  • Lower raw material used than with other partitions and all raw material composed of natural materials that are nontoxic and environmentally safe.
  • Lower raw material used than with other partitions and all raw material composed of natural materials that are nontoxic and environmentally safe.

Weather and UV Resistance

  • Walltec walls do not degrade from exposure to sunlight and provide excellent thermal shielding due to the hollows acting as heat sinks. Provides Thermal resistance of 0.4 (m2K)/W and better.
  • Can use insulation between 2 walls for added thermal resistance. 2 – 68 mm Walltec Panels sandwich a 10mm thermocol sheet to provide a partition wall with excellent thermal resistance.
Panel WallBrick WallAAC Block WallDry Wall - Fiber Cement Sheets
Moisture resistantYESYES
Good sound insulationYESYES
Good fire resistanceYESYESYESYES
Quick to installYES YES
Economical wall structureYES 
No need for skilled laborYES 
No plaster just wall puttyYES YES
Electrical installations easyYES 
Cheap raw material YES
Light to handle  YESYES
Even surface for direct painting without putty  YES
Rather large-sized elementsYESYES
Slow installation YESYES
Skilled brick layers needed YESYES
Thick plastering needed YES  
Total cost high  YESYES
Weak Material  YESYES
Big moisture movements  YESYES
 Panel Wall
(92 mm)
BricksAAC Blocks
(100 mm)
Man hours for 100m220 hrs60 hrs40 hrs 
Units per 100m2555500600 
Mortar used100 lts950 lts330 lts 
Plastering on each side015 mm8 mm 
Weight per m2110kg/m2 or 77kg/m2220 kg/m 265 kg/m 2